Achtung (2019)

Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur
Performance as part of symposium «TRANSVERSAL. Re-thinking Landscape»

masked performer walking with red megaphone

Notice me... notice me... notice me...

masked performer standing on podium with red megaphone

This is no lazy love.

performer lecturing

Am I enough?

performer speaking to audience

I want you to change your inner voice from saying ‹I am not enough› to ‹I am enough›.

performer kneeling and taking off his shoes

Notice me. Take my hand. I guess I need you, baby.

performer holding taiji pose

Zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, Achtung.

performer sitting next to podium, placing heart-shaped stickers on his face
performer dancing among audience

In the fictional role of a lifecoach, Robert Steinberger demonstrates the audience how to love themselves and others, using wisdoms from his «celebrity friends» and lessons from his Taiji practice. During the performance the character of the lifecoach dissolves more and more, at some point revealing his pain from having to hide behind roles since childhood in order to feel liked or loved at all. The happening oscillates between lecture and performance, humour and seriousness, the personal and the general.

Photos © Esther Nora Mathis 2019