Ich weiß, dass du dich liebst. Und wenn nicht: Ich liebe dich auch. (2014)

Perla-Mode, Zürich
A video and sound installation with live performance in collaboration with David Steinberger & Camille Jamet
Sound: Manuel Laval, Kurt Human, André Stiebe
Technical support: Sebastian Marbacher
Graphic design: Krispin Heé

sculpture combined with projections
artist sitting in front of video camera, surrounded by audiene
video projections on wall and floor, performer sitting in between
video projections on big wood planes
detail of performer seated surrounded by audience
Video installation
the audience
video projection on staircase

The exhibition shows the evolution of a relationship between two siblings. The work originated on a trip the brothers took on the historic California Highway 1 along the Pacific coastline in January 2011. Besides the rugged beauty of the surrounding nature, they face themselves and each other. Tensions arise and climax into an unsettling confrontation.

Supported by Guggenheim Foundation, Switzerland
Sponsored by Cinegrell and Kino Riffraff


Photos © Tamara Janes, Esther Nora Mathis 2014