Just because I’m quiet, doesn’t mean I’m calm (2020)

Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich
Performance in group exhibition «Werkschau 2020 – Canton of Zurich Work Grants»

Dramaturgy: Carina Premer

artist standing in front of white fabrics with colored text printed them

Listen, they are alone at a crossroads. They’re not at home in their own home.

artist sits on floor in front of large fabric with texts on it and reads from it

I could lose my parents’ love, the support from the society, my social standing, or I could even be discriminated against. I was afraid of this.

artist holds folded fabric with both hands
artist folds fabric on metal bench

It might have been my first encounter with an LGBT person. What shocked me was that she lived a good life.

artist kneeling in front of fabric with text printed on it and speaking
artist folds large fabric

Empathy can’t solve everything. Many of the most pernicious problems are structural, not individual, and no amount of individual empathy can solve them.

artists walks towards fabrics with texts on them hanging on clothes line

Photos © Yoshiko Kusano 2020

Texts, statements & stories drawn and remixed from Beyoncé, Joga Jia / 贾丛扬, Madonna, Rebecca Solnit, Ocean Vuong, Virginia Woolf, QQ / Qin Qin覃琴。, Jamil Zaki