There’s Someone Missing (2015)

Stadtgalerie, Bern
Performance in group exhibition «Nichts Neues»

view of gallery room with artist and his working space in the middle of it
embroidered fabric from below
artist doing embroidery and singing

Where are you?

artist doing embroidery and singing surrounded by audience
artist doing embroidery and singing close-up from behind
detail of embroidered fabric and embroidery tool, from below
artist doing embroidery and singing with audience member next to him
embroidered fabric

«Robert Steinberger did research on the subject of mourning while developing his performance for the Stadtgalerie. More specifically, he was interested in people’s reactions to when their life-partner dies. Originating from his own desire and search for such a partner that he could mourn with such emotion, the artist has created the performance There’s someone missing. At set times he sits at his working place and embroiders the question ‹Where are you?› onto a delicate fabric. He uses the embroidery technique used in Haute Couture called ‹tambour beading.› The artist interrupts the beading with his gaze and voice which he uses to address the audience. The desired other could be hidden in the crowd. The non-completion of the performance underlines the potential failure of this on-going quest.»

-Ba Berger, Director Stadtgalerie Bern 

(Translated from German. See PDF for original.)


Photos © Esther Nora Mathis 2015